Curriculum Play School And Kindergarten
the first few years of learning are perhaps the most crucial for every child. At Diamon International Public School, we understand this fact very well. A friendly dedicated staff and a stimulating environment ensure that children feel safe and free to explore.
We believe that play is the most important tool of learning and problem-solving for a child during his/her formative years. Hence, our curriculum includes lots of games. Our pre-school classrooms are well equipped with materials that encourage imagination and socialization – including books, blocks, manipulative, paints, dramatic play, eurhythmics, kinesthetic and sensory activity.
This we believe is the foundation every child needs as he/she moves into the academic area of language art, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, etc.
Sports Complex:-
Diamon International Public School Sports Complex emphasizes on all-round development of hands-on motor skill co-ordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, table-tennis and athletics.
It has facilities for cricket and football alongwith one basket-ball court, one black soil volley ball court. It also comprises of a swimming pool alongwith a splash pool for the young learners.
Morning sports as well as specialised evening sports academies give the students ample opportunity to hone their skills.