Principal Desk

Sheetal Sharma

(M.Sc. Zoology, B.Ed.)

Dear Parents:-

Learning is enabling the individual to utilize his\her potential to its fullest without education, the training of the human minds is incomplete. No individual is a human being in the working world until he has been educated in the right sense. The education makes a man right thinker and a correct decision – maker. It achieves this by bringing him knowledge from the external world, teaching him to reason and acquainting him with past history, so that he may be a better judge of the present.

DIPS stands for excellence in education. But excellence in education is a theme of constant concern, goals have to be redefined as per the changing needs of the society, roles and responsibility needs to be recast, information systems and management practices need enrichment, we believe that there is no final frontier in education.

Academics are the primary focus of education but each child is unique and has a special abilities and interests that must be recognized and developed. We subscribe to the philosophy that education of children is the shared responsibility for setting values and expectation that support the learning process. We are bound to provide a valuable teaching to our students.

Mrs. Sheetla Sharma