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Welcome to Diamond International Public School

Diamond International Public School with all its might welcomes you. DIPS is a school with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. Remarkably, DIPS adhere to the very basic purpose of international standard of education. DIPS is heading towards a deviation from the conventional system of education.

Student’s Council

Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other…

Social & Cultural Blend

Our school is a community-learning centre that develops individual pathways…..


Library is gradually becoming the most vital requirement in modern educational aids……


                                          Science Lab

With a view to nurture the scientific minds, the school provides an authentic platform through a well organized Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab where the students learn by doing which ultimately enforces their logical thinking and reasoning.

    • 1)Physics Lab
    • 2)Biology Lab
              3)Chemistry Lab


                                     Computer Lab

Well installed Computer Lab for All students ensures to make the young toddlers computer savvy from class I itself. This computer knowledge at initial stage aims at making their foundation learning everlasting and to excel them in technology.

    • 1)For Juniors
              2)For Seniors