Smart Classrooms

Library is gradually becoming the most vital requirement in modern educational aids. Our school library has been designed to meet the future needs of the changing pattern and contains selected books on all subjects. A variety of newspapers and magazine are also subscribed.


1. A book is issued for two weeks days no new book is issued till the previous book is returned.

2. No personal book is permitted to be taken into the library.

3. A duplicate library card will be issued to a student only when he/she informs the librarian in writing of the loss of the first card and will pay the fine Rs. 20/-

4. No encyclopedia, reference book, magazines and journals will be issued for home.

5. Journals, magazines and reference book must be handled with care in the library. For any mutilation or disfiguring of the library material the student shall be penalized.

6. Students must come to the library only during their library period as per the class time table.

7. Students of class IX, X, XI and XII classes can consult the library books after recess.