KG-II 09:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M.*
III-XII 09:00 A.M. – 03:15 P.M. (03:30 P.M. for 2nd Trip Students)*

* Subject to change with prior intimation.

Fee Timing Monday to Saturday: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Dates fixed for different classes in different months

1. Fee can be deposited for each class on or before the 8th day/ date of every month.

Fee may be deposited after the schedule date but with a fine :-

a) Rs.100/- on dated 15th– 18th of the respective month.

b) Rs. 200 on dated 30th of the respective month after that parents have to deposit double tuition fee in the next month otherwise the name of student shall be struck- off from the rolls.

3. Parents can deposit fee on any day of the above mentioned schedule.

4. If any of the day is holiday then next working day will be the fee day.