The rules and regulations of ‘Diamond International Public School’ are aimed at the presenting of general functioning of the school to all students, teachers, parents and staff members in order to maintain the discipline which is essential for an educational endeavor.

To achieve this goal, everyone must fully respect the school rules and contribute through responsible daily behavior for the smooth functioning of the school, thus guaranteeing the enrichment of all.

  • 1. Respect for school property and school belongings is an absolute must. Any intentional damage to any school belongings is a severe violation of the code of conduct, and makes the student liable for replacement of the damaged piece.
  • 2. Punctuality is essential at all times. Students who contravene the rules without valid reasons will be reprimanded & on the third occasion they will be sent home permanently.
  • 3. It is required of students to regularly attend the school to ensure uninterrupted learning. Punctuality is a primary rule of the school that must be observed by all.

For students who absent themselves from the school, parents must send justification for the absenteeism through a note in the school diary.

After 3 consecutive days of being absent from school, the students must provide a medical certificate attesting that the return of the student poses no contagious risk to the other students.

Leaves taken for reasons other than sickness must be informed in advance to the school administration.

  • 1. Students are not allowed to leave the class without the permission of the teacher. While moving in between the classes in the corridors, students should move in such a way that no class is disturbed. Students should be orderly and quiet and not hurt anybody while using the staircases.
  • 2. Every individual is responsible for the cleanliness of the environment. Proper use of the dustbin and table clean-up is important and should be done by all students. A vigilant outlook should be maintained towards keeping the surroundings clean. Any waste paper should be picked up and thrown into the dustbin.
  • 3. No students will hang around the campus or in the school building after the respective bells have rung. Their manner of movement should be quiet and orderly. When using staircases and corridors students must keep to their left.
  • 4. All safety norms must be followed while traveling in the school bus.
  • 5. Students required to attend the assembly and expected to join the singing of devotional and patriotic songs.
  • 6. Students must carry what is necessary to the school. Any objects that are not authorized in the school vicinity will be confiscated.
  • 7. The School does not accept the responsibility for the loss of books, pens, money or valuables etc. therefore Students are forbidden to bring valuable articles to school such as jewelry, costly fountain pens, mobiles, CD, unnecessary cash etc. to school, if earrings, nose pin must be worn they should be small loops or studs. But no nose rings, bangles, rings, bracelets, coloured hairs, nail polish, make-up & tattoos of any kind will be allowed.
  • 8. It is compulsory for all children to converse in English as the CBSE syllabus stresses on all students competence to speak confidently and naturally in English. A student must speak in decent language all the time. He must ensure that his speech is courteous and polite.
  • 9. If for any reason a student must leave early from school, the student’s parents or the guardian must pick the child from the school. The school administration must have prior notice of the child leaving school early. Cases of illness or urgency duly justified by the parents will be taken into consideration by the school administration. Parents are advised to make medical appointments outside of school hours to avoid hindering the child’s education.
  • 10. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home works disobedience and disrespect towards members of staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal of a student.
  • 11. Student should realize that they are responsible to the School not only for their conduct in the School but also for their behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the School on the part of the student will make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • 12. Any communication sent from the school be conveyed to the parents promptly. Parents must meet the teachers by prior appointment.
  • 13. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” All should be particularly careful to avoid throwing refuse anywhere in the school premises, except in bins provided for the purpose.
  • 14. A student must extend due courtesy and respect to all members of the staff. Respect for elders and affection for the juniors should be soundly included. Refinement in behavior should distinguish every pupil of the school. Every child is expected to uphold the name and honour of the school.
  • 15. Every student should endeavour to keep up the high standard and good reputation of the school by excelling in refined manners and deportment.
  • 16. A sick child should not be sent to school even if there is a test/exam (Except final C.B.S.E Board Examinations i.e. 10th & +2). Children suffering from infectious diseases should not be sent to school.
  • 17. Students who are taking part in Radio, T.V. programs, playback recording, acting in Cinema and advertisements and the like during their tenure in the school should obtain the principal’s permission for the same.
  • 18. On school days and for school functions and outings, students have to wear the school uniform.
  • 19. All applications for leaves and notes of absence must be written or countersigned by the parents.
  • 20. While writing any examination every scholar should do so with utmost honesty. Recourse to any use of unfair means will be viewed seriously.
  • 21. All students and teachers must watch their language and ensure the use of professional language. Students must respect each other’s words and be careful not to use offensive language.
  • 22. Students must respect the property of other students and also that of the school. Collective school property must also be used properly to ensure long term usage for the benefit of all students.
  • 23. Following toilet etiquettes is important for the hygiene of all students. Keep them clean and flush the toilets after use.
  • 24. Girl’s hair must be plated or tied back if it reaches the shoulders. If ribbons / cord are worn it must be back. No fancy hair – clips or other accessories are permitted.
  • 25. Boys hair must not touch the collar and should be cut properly above the ear – lobe; neatly groomed and cut short at the sides and back.
  • 26. Chewing of gum is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  • 27. Students and parents should not give any gift to any staff member on any occasion.
  • 28. Positing Adverse Remarks / Comments about School, staff, fellow students on the Social networking Website like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any Blogs is strictly prohibited.
  • 29. All Students will be allowed a 30 minutes recess for snacks etc. on all days. Those children staying back for extracurricular activities will have a small lunch break as well. No parents, servants or other Family members are permitted to bring any Tiffin / Study material during school hours. Children must bring their own lunch box / snack box. Elaborate snacks / meals must not be sent as it creates disharmony and discord. We desire the students to develop a feeling of oneness without complexes of affluence or otherwise. Students will not be allowed to go outside the school premises or outside the school playground. All students must bring their own water bottle, serviette, napkin; spoon etc., purchasing anything from any hawker or shop around is strictly prohibited.
  • 30. Students not using bus facility should reach the School 20 minutes before and not earlier than 30 minutes before the School timings. They must not be collected within a maximum of 30 minutes after the School closes. School Authorities may at their discretion, arrange to have the child dropped. All costs incurred for to & fro travel plus Rs. 100 are payable by the Parents. Same rules apply for delayed collection after any educational or other visits. Frequent delayed collection of the child may call for suspension / dismissal of the child.
  • 31. Students from 3rd standard will be charged Rs. 20/- per day as a fine for unnecessary absents from the school.
  • 32. Arriving at school in time is very important in order to take full advantage of the school day. This also ensures that you do not upset the work and concentration of classmates who arrive on time. All late arrivals are recorded in the diary and if a student arrives late more than 3 times in a month then the following steps will be taken:
  • a) The teacher will ask to meet the parents in person to understand the reasons for unpunctuality.
  • b) If the behaviour continues, the teacher will report the same to the principal.
  • c) As a last recourse, the principal will request a meeting with the parents and the child will be temporarily suspended from school (1-3 days).
  • 33. Any student who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations or has committed an act serious indiscipline and / or misbehaves or who, in the opinion of the Head of the School, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow students, may be expelled permanently or removed from the School for a specified period by the Head of the School. The rule of good behavior applies outside as well as inside the school. Social functions involving students must not be organized without the Principal’s approval. This applies to picnics excursions and other outings.
  • 34. The Head of the School has the discretionary power to deal with such cases which are not covered by the prescribed rules and procedure and his / her decision shall be final and binding on the students and parents / guardians.
  • 35. Admission of any child can be terminated at any time, if the behavior / progress of the child are not up to the desired standard or the attitude of the parents / guardian is not congenial or the basic family unit / setup, stated in the form, itself gets disintegrated or altered.
  • 36. If any student violates the rules & regulations of the school then following steps will be taken.
  • a) The teacher will remind the rules & regulations to the student with a verbal warning to avoid repetition.
  • b) Teacher-student discussion with disciplinary actions like extra work to be carried out during free time.
  • c) The teacher can decide to inform the parents through a note in the diary.
  • d) Teacher-student-principal discussion with a warning letter or a note sent to the parents.
  • e) The parents will be requested for a meeting with the teacher or principal or the administration and necessary action will be taken like temporary/permanent suspension from school.
  • f) If student continue to display similar behavior with respect to the school rules and regulations then after three disciplinary actions, the student is deemed unacceptable resulting in the expulsion of the student by the school administration.
  • 37. Playground Rules

The playground is an area where the children can relax and enjoy themselves therefore a few rules apply to the playground to ensure safety.

  • (a) Students must avoid games that can hurt others.
  • (b) No fighting or use of offensive language in the playground.
  • (c) All injuries will be promptly taken care of by the medical team in the school.
  • (d) Violent running games must be avoided.
  • (e) Jumping from high structures is not allowed.
Admission Fee, Annual Charges, Bus Fair & Tuition fee depositing Rules:-

a) Parents/ Guardians must have to deposit the Admission fee/ Annual Charges of their wards/ children on or before the 04th April of every year, failing which a penalty of Rs. 200/- per day will be charged.

b) Parents / Guardians must deposit the tuition fee of their children/ wards on or before the 8th day/date of every month. The fee counter will be closed by the 8th day/date of every month & will open again on 15th day/ date of every month with a late fee of Rs. 100/- till 18th day/ date of the same month. The parents can again deposit the fee of their wards with a fine of Rs. 200/- on dated 30th of the respective month, If the parents/ Guardian fails to deposit the same then they have to deposit the double tuition fee in the next month till 8th day/date of the month, if they again fails to do so then the name of their wards/ children will struck – off from the school record & for Re- Admission parents/ guardians must have to visit the school personally & full admission fee will be charged.

c) Parents/ Guardians must deposit the bus fare of their wards/ children along with tuition fee every month.

d) Parents/ Guardians must deposit the new funds, (if any arisen at any time during the academic year) if required by the school.

e) Parents/ Guardians must deposit the tuition fee in advance for the month of July along with the tuition fee of June month.

Documents requiring the signature of the Head of the school should be given a day in advance. No stamp or signature will be given immediately unless in case of great urgency.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.